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This music by The Gentlemen was recorded live at various venues in the late sixties and early seventies on consumer reel to reel tape decks at slow lower quality speeds with microphones placed in front of the PA speakers and no one monitoring the recorder or PA system for balance or volume levels.  Please excuse the lower quality but these are the only live recordings available to Avalon Sound Studio for these groups.

  • Stagger Lee (Price & Logan)2:06

  • It's Not Unusual (Reed & Mills)2:25
  • Does Anybody Know (intro)0:15
  • Does Anybody Know (R. Lamm)2:59
  • You'll Never Walk Alone (O. Hammerstein)4:33
  • Can't You Find Another Way (Banks & Jackson)3:54
  • Love Grows2:44

​​​​​​​The Gentlemen (later Angus) 1967 - 1971
A Rock and Soul show band that performed in DFW and Houston areas as well as tours in the Northeast, Midwest and Southern United States and California.
Members were Gary Boyd - bass guitar, James Miller - saxophone & flute, James (Smiley) Williams - drums, Steve Hunter - organ, Jimmy Fuller - singer, David Hughes - trumpet & guitar and Keith McElvain - trombone.   Also Tommy Abshire  was added on trumpet for a few months appearing in the picture with yellow shirts.  Steve, the keyboardist eventually quit the group.  ​ He was replaced by Gary  Coots (not pictured) on keyboard.

The  original 1960's group named Little Joe and the Gentlemen consisted of Joe Phaff, lead singer later replaced by Bobby Albin on piano and vocals when Joe was drafted,  Bob King on Drums,  Gary Boyd on bass, Jamie Kendrick on guitar and Dickey Rhiney  on guitar.  They recorded a single record with Stagger Lee on side two and an original song by Joe and Jamie titled This Land on side one.

The group reformed in the summer of 1967 with Bobby Albin as lead singer, Jamie Kendrick (organizer & leader) on guitar, Steve Hunter on organ, Bobby King on drums, Gary Boyd on bass, James Miller on saxophone and David Hughes on trumpet & guitar.  The group rented a closed Dairy Queen building in White Settlement, TX, cleaned it up and used it for rehearsals.   Their first gig was at Omar Khayam's club on Jacksboro Hwy. in Fort Worth, TX and that club became a frequent venue for them.  Later James (Smiley) Williams replaced Bobby King on the Drums, Jamie Kendrick left the group and Jimmy Fuller replaced Bobby Albin on lead vocals when he left. Tommy Abshire was then added  in late 1970 on trumpet and Keith McElvain was added on the trombone forming The Gentlemen pictured above with yellow  shirts and brown vests.  The band played at many DFW sorority and fraternity parties, Cox's fashion shows, the Nutcracker in Fort Worth and Dallas, The  Place Across the Street clubs in Dallas and Houston, and The Losers' Club in Dallas. They also toured  the northeast and mid-west USA.  The Gentlemen  signed with Hollywood producer Jerry Fuller after changing their name to ANGUS and recorded a single record in Los Angeles, CA. that was released by him on the Bell record label.

  • Make Me Smile (J Pankow)3:03
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey (Strauss)1:23
  • Aquarius (Rado, Ragni & MacDermot)6:44
  • Baby Hold On2:45
  • My Way (Paul Anka)5:11
  • You've Made Me SVH (Holloway, Wilson & Gordy)4:31
  • Vehicle (Jim Peterik)2:34
  • Spooky (Hirsch, Shapiro & Middlebrooks)3:20
  • You Got Me Hummin'3:58
  • You'll Never Walk Alone4:23
  • Watermelon Man (break)1:14