• The Power of Positive Singing2:35
  • One Step At A Time (Graduation Song)4:29
  • Rock N Roll Singer2:58
  • Sixteen Times (Sweet 16 Song)5:04
  • You Can Be Free5:14
  • How Do You Stop?3:28
  • The Inner Road4:16
  • For Love4:39
  • Hold On To The Spirit6:22
‚ÄčThe Stone of Scone, 
aka Stone of Destiny
or Jacob's Pillar Stone is now in Scotland.  
To be returned 
to England at the next Coronation.
I recommend listening to my music through Koss portaPro headphones.  They are one of the monitoring sources I use to mix and master.  drh


  • Feeling The Changes (Claude Wooley)4:16
  • Is It Not Real (C Wooley & D Hughes)4:56
  • Lord of the Heavens (L VanWaters & D Hughes)4:38
  • How Can I Tell You (L VanWaters & D Hughes)3:33
  • Hold On To Me (Claude Wooley)3:26
  • Pray For A Miracle (Claude Wooley)3:45

  • Loves Lost and Found 20163:29
  • Remember Me 19914:42
  • Hold Me Baby 19973:01
  • Such A Woman 19964:20
  • The Love Between Our Eyes 19794:22
  • Please Tell Me Now 19783:30
  • Just You 19703:15
  • It's You My Heart Is Waiting For 19794:15
  • Soft Summer Breeze 19682:54

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