• Believe In Me (Coral Southwell)2:43
  • Union (Coral Southwell)3:46

Johnny D and the Doo-Wopps is an Arlington based group that David Hughes provided and ran the sound system for at venues in the DFW area. The core group was made up of 2 lawyers, a commercial airline pilot, a pharmaceutical salesman and a music store owner/piano teacher.  They added the female singer and 3 horn players to get the sound of the 50's & 60's soul bands.  The guy at the front middle was a fan of the group.

Merlin & Friends was started as a duo in 1996 with David Hughes on keyboards, guitar, trumpet & vocals and Chris Eigenman on drums & vocals.  Later Gary VanWaters was added on guitar & vocals.  The group played a variety of music including classic rock, rock & roll, pop, country and soul.  The venues were at parties, receptions, Senior Citizen dances, VFW Halls, Elks Clubs and American Legion Halls.
Janet Alison Kollmeier is an accomplished vocalist from Dallas, Texas who has performed throughout the DFW metroplex and other music venues in the US.  She sang the beautiful lead  vocals on this 45 RPM single recorded at Avalon Sound Studio on the Stonehenge Label in the late nineteen eighties.  The song Hasta La Vista was written and co-produced by Coral Southwell, an accomplished singer/songwriter from Austin, TX and previously from Fort Worth, TX while involved with the operations of Avalon Sound Studio.  Boat Against the Current was written by Wyndi S. Harp, also an accomplished songwriter who is still active in the music scene in the Nashville, TN area.  She is currently writing music and singing in a Judds tribute duo as Naomi Judd.  Bobby King and David Hughes provided the instrumental tracks.         drh  2019
Coral Nuckols Hughes (now Southwell) on guitar & vocals and  David Hughes
on guitar, bass, keyboards, trumpet , recorder & vocals.  The duo was formed in 1980 and performed at various night clubs, country clubs and parties in Texas before adding Gerard Bendiks on drums in 1981 for a tour through west Texas and a final booking at Captain Cook's Restaurant in Dallas, Tx.

  • Boat Against the Current (Wyndi S. Harp)3:08
  • Hasta La Vista (Coral Southwell)2:55

Use Audio Players to hear records.   Click on 45 RPM Records to Enlarge

Use Audio Players to hear records.   Click on 45 RPM Records to Enlarge

Sharon Reynolds is a Gospel singer from Fort Worth, TX who has provided many vocal tracks for Merlin Productions since 1982.  She sang this excellent vocal track on the song New Jerusalem written by David R Hughes and recorded at Avalon Sound Studio in 1983.

  • Carter County (Kim Corliss)3:08
  • Country Kinda Morning (Kim Corliss)2:59

  • Ghost Riders (Stan Rogers)3:50
  • Luckenbach (Emmons & Moman)3:47
  • All I Ever Need (Holiday & Reeves) 3:52
  • I Got A Name (C Fox & N Gimbel)3:42
  • Bobby McGee (Kristofferson)3:24
  • Let Your Love Flow (Larry Williams) 3:09
  • Blue Kentucky Girl (J Mullins)2:59
  • Colour My World (J Pankow)2:35
  • Silver Threads (D Reynolds & J Rhodes)3:17
  • Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson)3:19
  • For My Lady (R. Thomas)3:37
  • Come On In (M. Clark)2:48
  • Green Rolling Hills (Phillips, Gerrard & Dickens)3:49
  • Sweet Surrender (J. Denver)2:37
  • River Road (Sylvia Tyson)4:05
  • Country Is (Tom T Hall)3:21
  • IF (David Gates)3:15
  • Something Special (J Conlee)3:20
                     The Gentlemen 1993
A newer version of the sixties Gentlemen group with 3 of the original members (in underlined italics below).  When the band was ready to start playing gigs things fell apart and it never really got off the ground.
Left to right are
James Miller, - saxophone, Bobby Albin -lead singer, Micky Morrow - bass guitar, David Hughes - trumpet,  guitar & vocals,  Chris Eigenman - drums & vocals,  and Gary Van Waters - guitar and vocals.

Marcus Tony Vann  (1944-1994)
Tony Vann recorded an album of his original music in a joint venture with Avalon Sound's David Hughes and Ron DiLulio at Ron's studio in Fort Worth, TX.  The album, titled "Lord of the Dawn" is a Folk Rock Opera about the Aztecs' Quetzalcoatl who put an end to  human sacrifices to appease their sun god. The songs depict how he  taught them to live in peace and love while being opposed by their religion's priesthood. Ron & Tony produced the album in about two months on a Teac 80-8 eight track provided by Avalon Sound after Ron's sixteen track machine unexpectedly broke down shortly after the recording started.  Tony sang most of the lead vocals although Janet Kollmeier sang lead on 2 of the songs, David sang lead on 2, and Ron sang lead on another song.  Tony played acoustic guitar, Ron played piano and synthesizer, and David played electric & classical guitar, recorder, trumpet and bass guitar.  The drummer (his name not available) was contracted by Ron DiLulio.  Tony, Ron & David with vocalist Janet Kollmeier also performed the music from the album in a concert at Estes Park, CO at the Festival of the Winds on 6/20/82.  The full-length album of "Lord of the Dawn"  with 13 songs is available from Merlin Productions.

  • New Jerusalem (D.R. Hughes)4:41

Kim Mottern Corliss is a singer/songwriter who lives in western Michigan.  She has also lived in Tennessee and wrote the song "Carter County" about the town she lived in.  While there Kim was a coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International – Johnson City Workshop.  She also hosted a songwriters’ night in Bristol and in Elizabethton and made many trips to Nashville to play including the Bluebird Café. She has also played at festivals and venues in North Carolina and Virginia.  Linda VanWaters Tonini who became aware of Kim's talent and songs contacted David Hughes at Avalon Sound and set a recording session in motion. To make this record Kim mailed a cassette demo to David and the instrumental tracks were created by him on guitar & keyboards, Bobby King on Drums and Steve Lamb on steel guitar.  Then Kim flew to DFW from Florida where she lived at the time and recorded the vocal tracks. 



Use Audio Players to hear records.   Click on 45 RPM Records to Enlarge

  • The Arrival & The Whirlwind8:06
  • The Circle of Light3:51
  • Agua Santa Spring4:55
  • The Farewell Song5:20