Jack Wadsworth - Bass, Bobby King - Trombone & Percussion, David Hughes - Trumpet & Guitar, John (Rick) Siebman - Lead Guitar & Harmonica, Robert Toomer - Drums and Bill Hartman - Piano & Synthesizer
THE SHADES 1974 (later changed to ALEXIS)
A rock and soul dance band that performed in night clubs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Amarillo Texas and  in Lawton, OK.  Members were Jack Wadsworth - bass,  vocals & saxophone, Bobby King - drums, David Hughes - trumpet,  rhythm guitar & vocals, Frank Cagigal - organ and John (Rick) Siebman III - lead guitar, harmonica & vocals.  At one point Robert Toomer was added on drums and Bobby King switched to Trombone and other percussion  instruments as well as some drums making it a six piece group.   Also Frank Cagigal left the group and was replaced by Bill Hartman on Piano and Synthesizer and the group's name was changed to Alexis.
Jack Wadsworth - Bass, Bobby King - Drums, David Hughes - Guitar & Trumpet, Frank Cagigal - Organ and John (Rick) Siebman III- Lead Guitar

No photo of Alexis is available 

  • Joy - Apollo 1002:56
  • Make A Mint (John Siebman III)5:15
  • Brown Sugar (Jagger & Richards)3:32
  • Let's Fly (Jack Wadsworth)4:12
  • Livin' For the City - S. Wonder4:09
  • In My Tomb (John Siebman III)4:34
  • Right Place Wrong Time - Dr John4:09
  • The Trick (John Siebman III)3:53

  • The Love I Lost (Gamble & Huff)2:27
  • Put Your Hands Together (K Gamble & L Huff)3:02
  • In My Tomb (John Siebman III)4:19
  • Truckin' Around (David Hughes)5:19
  • Midnight Rider (G Allman & R Payne)2:36
  • Never Gonna Give You Up (B. White)3:37
  • Summertime (Gershwin)5:50
  • One Way Out (M Sehorn & E James)4:30
  • Table of Contents4:36
  • So Very Hard to Go (E Castillo & S Kupka)3:40