• The Love I Lost (Gamble & Huff)2:27
  • Put Your Hands Together (K Gamble & L Huff)3:02
  • In My Tomb (John Siebman III)4:19
  • Truckin' Around (David Hughes)5:19
  • Midnight Rider (G Allman & R Payne)2:36
  • Never Gonna Give You Up (B. White)3:37
  • Summertime (Gershwin)5:50
  • One Way Out (M Sehorn & E James)4:30
  • Table of Contents4:36
  • So Very Hard to Go (E Castillo & S Kupka)3:40
Jack Wadsworth - Bass, Bobby King - Drums, David Hughes - Guitar & Trumpet, Frank Cagigal - Organ and John (Rick) Siebman III- Lead Guitar

  • Joy - Apollo 1002:56
  • Make A Mint (John Siebman III)5:15
  • Brown Sugar (Jagger & Richards)3:32
  • Let's Fly (Jack Wadsworth)4:12
  • Livin' For the City - S. Wonder4:09
  • In My Tomb (John Siebman III)4:34
  • Right Place Wrong Time - Dr John4:09
  • The Trick (John Siebman III)3:53
THE SHADES 1974 (later changed to ALEXIS)
A rock and soul dance band that performed in night clubs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Amarillo Texas and  in Lawton, OK.  Members were Jack Wadsworth - bass,  vocals & saxophone, Bobby King - drums, David Hughes - trumpet,  rhythm guitar & vocals, Frank Cagigal - organ and John (Rick) Siebman III - lead guitar, harmonica & vocals.  At one point Robert Toomer was added on drums and Bobby King switched to Trombone and other percussion  instruments as well as some drums making it a six piece group.   Also Frank Cagigal left the group and was replaced by Bill Hartman on Piano and Synthesizer and the group's name was changed to Alexis.

No photo of Alexis is available 

Jack Wadsworth - Bass, Bobby King - Trombone & Percussion, David Hughes - Trumpet & Guitar, John (Rick) Siebman - Lead Guitar & Harmonica, Robert Toomer - Drums and Bill Hartman - Piano & Synthesizer