David has always been a wonderful musician and recording engineer for many years. I truly admire David both as a dear friend and a true professional!

Fred Cox      Musician, Singer and Independent Construction Professional

I have sung in a band with David. David also knows how to play several instruments which he played on my CD when I recorded it at Avalon Sound. He is very professional and will help you with any of your recording needs/problems. I highly recommend David as he has been in the music business for several years

Terrie Talbert       VIice President at Talbert Productions

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David is one of the most professional musicians I have ever worked with. He was not only a great performer, playing instruments as varied as the trumpet and guitar, but was also able to compose and create arrangements that helped make our rock/show band one of the best performing groups on the road in that era. David is a good friend, and even though we have been separated by geography for a long time, he is a person that can be relied upon and trusted, and I can only imagine how much his musical talents have progressed in all that time. If you have a need involving music, don't hesitate to contact David Hughes.     

Keith McElvain      Musician and Photographer at Action Photography

I have been in the music business in some capacity for over 40 years. David Hughes is a great musician and producer engineer. I played in a group with David some years back and I was continually impressed by his band leading skills, his musical professionalism and his ability to get the best sound on tape that he possibly could. He would be an asset to any band, orchestra, or producer in the studio. I highly recommend David Hughes.

Claude Wooley      Musician, Singer/Songwriter and Owner at Starluck Music

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