• War's Not The Answer (Hughes-VanWaters-King)4:06

  • Looking To The Lord3:41
  • Come Let Me Tell You4:00
  • I Will Stand5:55
  • In This Life4:44
  • Thank You Lord2:23
  • Sing A New Song4:42
  • The Battle3:12
  • Take Up Your Crosses3:20

  • The Unborn Trees (L.VanWaters Tonini & D.R. Hughes)5:47


"If you want to see the world’s climate changing, fly over a tropical country. Thirty years ago, a wide belt of rainforest circled the earth, covering much of Latin America, south-east Asia and Africa. Today, it is being rapidly replaced by great swathes of palm oil trees and rubber plantations, land cleared for cattle grazing, soya farming, expanding cities, dams and logging."    The Guardian  Feb. 2018

"We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years"     John Vidal  the Guardian's environment editor

THE OUTLANDERS  from  WHITE SETTLEMENT, TEXAS​​  was formed in 1966 during the members' high school years.  The group, shown in the picture above consisted of (Left to Right) David Hughes, Gary Otwell, Howard Hughes and Gary Archa.  In 1967 Howard left the group and Larry Tidwell was added on Bass Guitar.  They performed at local dances , parties and Battle of the Bands,   Their music consisted of songs by the  Rolling Stones, Tommy James, The Beatles, Sam the Sham, Johnny Rivers, Chuck Berry,, the Beach Boys, the Monkees, etc., etc., etc.        drh

My Recording Process

It takes a considerable amount of time for me to complete a song because of the recording process I prefer to use.  First I create an electronic drum click track on a PC MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sequencing program,  Then monitoring the click track I record a piano track and insert any needed tempo changes such as ritards (gradual slowdown) and atempo's (back to original tempo).  Next the bass track is recorded using a midi keyboard and several other instrument parts are recorded one at a time, such as strings, brass, organ, etc.  up to 16 tracks with different instruments.  The last MIDI track added is the final drum track which takes a considerable amount of time.  The drums used are 2 Alesis SR16 drum machines utilizing all 8 outputs to separate the different drums in the set, but all the drum parts go onto only 1 MIDI channel.  Then I  transfer all those instrument tracks from the PC sequencing program onto a 24 track Alesis HD24 digital recorder by playing them back through the drum machines, multiple synthesizers and MIDI sound modules all at once.  Using MIDI mixers and cables each synthesizer module plays back one of the different instrument parts recorded on the PC sequencer.   It is similar to a player piano using a scroll but the sequencing program has 16 separate channels to control 16 different instruments instead of just one piano.  All those instruments are  recorded onto separate tracks of the Alesis HD24 digital recorder.   Lastly, I add vocals, guitars and other acoustic instruments and sounds before mixing down to 2 track stereo and finally mastering the song for enhancement and compatibility. 

​​In the nineties David is shown in a promo photo with a DJ setup used to obtain bookings to help fill in the gaps between music performances and studio jobs.  He provided music for weddings, receptions, private & company parties.

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The Forests and the Rain Forests are being devastated by Man and by Fire.   (Thought you should know)   Hear the song THE UNBORN TREES in the player above and join the movement to SAVE OUR FORESTS.

I was fortunate to have been in a school district that had outstanding bands led by music directors John R. Bain, Brewer Jr. High and Harold Collyer, Brewer High.  Together they developed the White Settlement Tx schools' music programs into a national awards winning high school band in the 1960's and that tradition is still carried on today.  The Texas Twisters group (above) was the first combo formed by David Hughes along with several other members of the Brewer Jr. High School Band at White Settlement, Tx in 1964.  They performed mostly 50's popular music at local school and community functions but were not part of any official school program.  Uniforms were custom turquoise vests (made by member Dwain Barker's mother), western tie with Texas on it, white shirt and pants.  L-R back: Larry Tidwell on Souzaphone, David Hughes  & Gary Reese on Trumpet, Gary Otwell on Baritone and John Boshers on Drums.  Middle: Dwain Barker, Gerald Richardson and Mike Williams on Trombone.  Front: Tommy Flanagan and Gene Parish on Saxophone.        drh

My new song titled  "I Will Stand" is now finished and is song #3 in the set of original Contemporary Christian songs to the right.  My hope is that it will inspire Christians to stand for God and with other believers in opposing the works of darkness until Christ returns.  And to spread His words of truth.  The lyrics were written in 2012 and I just recently arranged the words into song form and put music to them.  I will re-record the vocals on some of the other songs and re-mix them for a new album to be titled "Look to the Lord".             drh    7/5/19